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Harvest Some Family Fun on the Farm!

Welcome to Ole McDermitt's Farm located in Carrollton, Ga, one hour west of Atlanta.  We are dedicated to providing your family the best family fun on the farm.  We invite you and your family to share our refreshing view of the country.  It's an experience you just can't get in the city.  Bring the family out and let us provide you with some quailty family time. 

Spend a morning, an afternoon, or all day at Ole McDermitt's Farm enjoying all the "home grown fun" with your family.  You will leave the farm refreshed and singing, "Ole McDermitt had a farm, E, I, E, I, O and on that farm is lots of fun!  We look forward to seeing you on the farm!  

Ole McDermitt has a farm ond on that farm he has a pumpkin patch, hay rides, corn maze, windmill, and lots of animals for you to see E, I, E, I, O. 

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 Visit our farm this fall and start a new family tradition!

The only accepts cash. 

102 Baxter Rd 

Carrollton, GA  30117